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About Ligare

OMY Area Management Association (Ligare) is a non-profit organization established in 2002 with the support of the district's landowner council to revitalize the Otemachi, Marunouchi, and Yurakucho (OMY) district. Ligare means "to connect" in Latin and is the nickname for the organization in the hope of connecting people to the community and to each other.

Traditionally, OMY had been a business district where people only worked during the weekdays and was empty at night and on weekends. In 1988, a council was established to bring together landowners in the district, and the creation of a new vision for the community began. Subsequently, in 1996, a round-table discussion group was set up with landowners and the government. And in 2000, city planning guidelines were formulated as a common vision for the public and private sectors. Since then, many buildings have been rebuilt or redeveloped based on the guidelines. At the same time, Ligare has promoted myriad activities in the intangible aspects of city planning, not only for redevelopment but also for the well-being and happiness of the people who visit and work there and for the further prosperity of corporate activities.


Board of Directors

  • Chairman: Shigenori Kobayashi
    President, The Mori Memorial Foundation
  • Board Chairman:Takayuki Kishii
    President, The Institute of Behavioral Sciences
  • Vice Chairman:Kenichi Hattori
    General Manager, Area Management Planning Department,, MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD.
  • Senior Managing Director:Hiroaki Fujii
    General Manager, Area Management Planning Department, MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD.
  • Managing Director:Hiroshi Kato
    General Manager, Area Management Planning Department, MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD.
  • Director:Toshiyuki Inoue
    Executive Officer, In charge of Urban Planning Department, Area Management Department, Urban Energy Strategy Planning Department, General manager of Commercial Property Business Strategy Department, MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD.
  • Director:Yasutaka Goto
    General Manager, Urban Planning Department, MITSUBISHI ESTATE CO., LTD.
  • Director:Masamitsu Oshima
    Manager, Tenant Relations and office Leasing Department, THE SANKEI BUILDING CO., LTD.
  • Director:Yoshihiro Morimura
    General Manager, Marketing Department, Mitsubishi Jisho Property Management Co., Ltd.
  • Director:Maki Takada
    Managing Director, Deloitte Tohmatsu Institute fellow, Deloitte Tohmatsu LLC
  • Director:Sanae Kohzawa
    Manager, Marketing & Sales Promotion Division, Sales Department, Tokyo International Forum Co., Ltd.
  • Director:Shigeaki Tanaka
    Executive Managing Director, Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.
  • Director:Naomi Tohfukuji
    Representative Director, Pacific Century Group Japan Y.K.
  • Director:Aya Tonomura
  • Director:Yohei Kano
  • Director:Josuke Chatani
    Manager, Marketing Headquarters, Community Development Coordination Department, Development & Strategy Division, East Japan Railway Company
  • Director:Makoto Sekiguchi
    Deputy general Manager, Leasing and Tenant Relations, Tekko Building Co., Ltd.
  • Director:Shin Watanabe
  • Auditor:Kiyoshi Isogai
    Executive Senior Director, Raysum Co.,Ltd.


  • Hiroaki Fujii
  • Noriyuki Otani
  • Kanako Naito
  • Hiroshi Kato
  • Norihito Tanabe
  • Mineko Nakajima
  • Haruna Hasegawa
  • Ayako Mogaki
  • Nao Shimzu
  • Tomoko Yoshioka
  • Yuki Mansei
  • Madoka Takayama
  • Tatsuo Nishimoto
  • Takako Kunimochi
  • Shigeru Inoue
  • Takako Fukushi
  • Akiko Mori
  • Hazuki Nakamori
  • Shuhei Sanada

Corporate Members

Regular Members
(Public Interest Incorporated Foundations)

  • Total 2 companies

Supporting Members

  • Total 2 companies

Individual Members

  • Full Members:12 people
  • Supporting Members:29 people

As of May 13, 2022

Otemachi, Marunouchi,
and Yurakucho
(OMY District)

Located between Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace in the heart of Japan, it is the largest business center in Japan with an area spanning 120 hectares. It is a community comprising about 100 buildings, 5,000 offices, and a working population of about 350,000.

The OMY district used to have only office buildings, but since 2000, it has undergone a major transformation into a sophisticated urban center with retails stores, cafés, and restaurants lining the streets. It also features a cluster of Japan's top-ranked hotels and convention facilities, making it a lively scene even on weekends.

OMY District



Revitalization, environmental
and fostering
community around the OMY area


1.Utilizing public spaces such as roads

As a contact point for road utilization in the area, the project coordinates with relevant government departments, with Ligare taking the lead in place-making to create comfortable and lively spaces.

Marunouchi Naka-dori Urban Terrace

Opening Marunouchi Naka-dori Avenue to pedestrians during the day as a café-terrace space

Marunouchi Street Park

A social experiment to examine the future shape of Marunouchi Naka-dori Avenue

Attracting and supporting the holding of third-party sponsored events

Point of contact for organizing events suitable for public spaces

2.Promoting management and utilization of semi-public spaces and other open spaces

To promote the use of semi-public spaces such as public open spaces on private land where there are restrictions on their use, the project will carry out the necessary administrative procedures on behalf of each landowner and provide advice on their use.

Operation of the ordinance for the promotion of stylish streetscape development in Tokyo (commonly known as the "Share Machi System")

Activities under registration as a city planning organization in the OMY area

3.Holding community events

The following events are held to promote interaction among people working in the community as well as people and businesses both inside and outside the community.

Marunouchi Rubber Baseball Tournament

A traditional inter-company baseball tournament held continually for over 70 years

Uchimizu (Water Sprinkling) and Summer Festival

A summer event that combines traditional Japanese culture with measures to combat extreme heat in the heart of the city.

Operation Kirapika

Large-scale cleanup activities by workers in collaboration with Tokyo Station and the Yaesu area

Radio Calisthenics

Invigorating activities held on Marunouchi Naka-dori Avenue at the end of lunch time

Eco Kids Explorers

Workshops for elementary school students during summer vacation in collaboration with local businesses and stores

4. Outdoor Advertising Management Business

To protect the local landscape and create a lively streetscape, advertisements are examined, and guidance is provided on the posting of advertisements. Also, advertising fees are collected as a source of funds for community development activities.

Outdoor Advertising Guidelines

Rules for advertisements to be posted in the town to protect the landscape
of the area


A brand started in 2022 to upcycle banners and other street advertisements on Marunouchi Naka-dori Avenue

5.Support for holding business events in the area

A cooperative organization of hotels, convention facilities, and other business event-related facilities in the area has been established to serve as the secretariat.

DMO Tokyo Marunouchi

Support for the holding of "Urban Center MICE" utilizing MICE facilities and the unique venues in the OMY area

6.Art Urbanism Project

Art thinking is essential for solving social issues and creating new businesses. An experimental project that seeks to create a space for artists to work in a city with a concentration of established companies and to measure the impact of exchanging diverse perspectives, sensitivities, and ideas.

Yurakucho Art Urbanism (YAU) Project

A project based in Yurakucho to turn a corner of a building before its reconstruction into a studio, where art and the city can interact and spark innovation.

Funding Sources

 The main sources of funding for such activities are as follows.

  • Membership fees from Ligare members (DMO Tokyo Marunouchi also has a separate membership and applies the membership fees to its activities.)
  • Utilizing sponsorships or government subsidies obtained for each event
  • Revenues from outdoor advertising management business
  • Revenues from coordination fees for coordinating the use of public spaces
  • Revenues from procedures and advice necessary for the utilization of semi-public spaces in each district

Note that most of the personnel expenses for the secretariat are borne by Mitsubishi Estate, the largest landowner in the district.


OMY Area Management Association
Email Address:ligare_contactmec.co.jp